We maintain and promote high ethical and professional standards at all times. We comply with group directives, local legislation and instructions. We challenge and act on any unethical or unsafe decisions and behaviors. We demonstrate an understanding and work towards a safe working culture.


We take personal responsibility to ensure our work is consistently completed on time
We focus our energy on key tasks and responsibility.
We are persistent and we ensure achievement in the face of unforeseen obstacles.
We take initiative and act with confidence


We work in a collaborative way, supporting others and putting the company’s interests first.
We contribute to the results of others.
We share information, knowledge and ideas outside our own area.
We encourage open discussion, as well as give and receive constructive feedback.


We seek opportunities to continuously improve required tasks.
We seek out new and innovative ways of approaching situations and tasks.
We adopt a positive approach towards change.
We continuously learn and develop professional expertise.


We show an understanding of other perspectives.
We value alternative points of view.
We are able to work across a variety of cultures.
We continuously seek to learn about and develop ourselves.

External focus

We consider the need for both internal and external customers as well as stake holders.
We demonstrate our knowledge of external benchmarks (customer, supplier) and the best practices in our field.
We take personal responsibility for customer issues and we follow through.
We consider the impact of our actions on the customer.