The work of the freight forwarders in Qatar is to organize and look after the delivery of the shipments to the distributor from the manufacturer or to the market from the producer. There are numerous air freight forwarding services in Qatar that also happen to provide parcel service from door to door. Cargo is delivered to all the major locations of the country at reduced cycle times and minimal costing. The schedules are fixed and flexible and the freight carriers help in deciding the perfect option keeping the budget and weight of the freight in mind.


Highlights of the air freight forwarding service:

  • They provide the best and optimized solutions for the freight that is to be forwarded.
  • The perishable materials are carefully handled. Also, the ones that require control of temperature, have high value or are oversized.
  • Proper insurance is provided (At the cost of customer)
  • Sales Sources
  • Well packed
  • Warehousing
  • Help with the purchasing and marketing of goods


Benefits that the customer will get:

  • Distribution and warehousing of the goods.
  • Clearance of the materials locally.
  • Flexibility and dependability in the options for scheduling.
  • Various pricing options for door to door or airport to airport delivery.
  • Consolidation service.
  • Specialised services are arranged for the transfer and forwarding of harmful legalised chemicals, pharmaceutical products that are sensitive to temperature and also for the movement of frozen and chilled goods.

Segments that are served:

  • The automotive sector.
  • The aviation sector.
  • Logistics of the industry.
  • The healthcare and the pharmaceutical department,
  • Perishable food items.
  • High technology.

The air freight forwarding is done in an extremely professional manner that is reliable and budget-friendly by North Ocean. They also help in relocation both locally and internationally.

North ocean offers warehousing, consolidation and distribution services. Non-asset based, we are not tied to facility locations. This enables us to offer our clients a tailor made overall optimum unbiased by conflicts of interest due to asset ownership. We offer warehouses to cater every type of cargo, such as hazardous, temperature sensitive & food grade materials.

North Ocean has capabilities in place to consolidate products from several locations for export to your customers or distribution centers. From the distribution facilities we offer redistribution services to ensure that you can deliver your service promise to your customers worldwide.

  • Inventory management & control
  • Order fulfillment (pick and pack by order)
  • Packing & drumming services
  • Just in time deliveries