Financial Objectives

  • 1.Grow shareholder value:
  • 2.Increase revenue:
  • 3.Maintain profitability:
  • 4.Diversify and grow revenue streams:

Customer Objectives

  • 5.Best value for the cost:
  • 6.Reliable services:
  • 7.Partner with customers to provide solutions:
  • 8.Best service:
  • 9.Understands needs:

Internal Objectives

  • 10.Innovation
  • 11.Invest a certain amount in innovation:
  • 12.Acquire new customers from innovative offerings:

Customer Service

  • 13.Great customer service:
  • 14.Partner with customers to design solutions:
  • 15.Customer retention

Operational Excellence

  • 16.Reduce cost by a certain amount annually:
  • 17.Invest in Total Quality Management:
  • 18.Reduce error rates:
  • 19.Streamline core business processes:
  • 20.Increase reliability of operations:


  • 21.Improve reporting and transparency:
  • 22.Increase community outreach:

Learning & Growth (L&G) Objectives

  • 23.Create a performance-focused culture:
  • 24.Attract and retain the best people:
  • 25. Build high-performing teams:
  • 26. Develop leadership abilities and potential of the team