Relocate Your house with Relocation Companies in Dubai

With well-trained crew, we are here to help you with any kind of moving, whether competently and expertly. We are ready to assist you, with our global resources. It will be very relaxing, easy and convenient for you to let us handle your work. We are one of the best relocation companies in Dubai.

For any kind of packing requirements such as industrial goods, household goods, art wares, machinery, handicrafts, furniture, explosive goods, electronic equipment and various fragile goods, you can rely on us. We will deliver your valuable goods to directed destination without causing a scratch on them. We use appropriate and safe packing materials like wooden crates, gunny bag, pallets and plastic or metal drums to relocate different kind of goods. Our relocation service in Dubai is well known and very reliable.

For international moving, we also provide relocation services through our experts. It does not matter whether you are moving household or office goods; North Ocean gives full protection to your goods. With expert packing and crating, we provide the services, planned resourcefully and an efficient shipping mode. Lastly, to all the necessary services like export, secure storage and forwarding we provide insurance options.

Home Packing:

When it comes to home packing, our expert crews take over all the responsibility of your household goods. Starting from clothes, mattress, linen, lampshade to kitchen stuffs like silverware, utensil, pans, pot, under the sink, bakeware, Tupperware, oven. The glassware like paintings, ceramic trees, dried flowers, interior decorative items, lampshade, fire screen, glass coffee table and the electric equipment such as music system, computer, micro oven etc. and other very delicate items that cannot very a simple jerk, North Ocean experts handle your stuffs and deliver them to the final destination with safety.

Office Packing:

Office packing is a very responsible work to handle. Apart from the essential items like a desk, computer, chairs, televisions, printers, scanners and the decorative items like paintings, urns etc. we handle all the paper works very carefully and separately. Our experts move these stuff to the indicated destination without mixing it up. Being a larger place than a house, moving office is also a bit tougher, still, North Ocean gives you the scope to relax and make this work look very easy and convenient.

North Ocean has a great concept and strong service ethics. We know how to handle the inconvenient works and make the customer happy. Whether local transition or international transition, we provide a great service. That is why we are known as one of the best relocation companies in Dubai and Qatar.