North Ocean provides shipping services in Qatar. We are here to help you move your goods around the world. Our expert workers would definitely provide a solution which can fulfill your requirements. We offer various options for moving. You can choose one that suits your budget. Our professional staffs provide several types of cargo like LCL (less than container load), RO/RO service, FCL (full container load), bulk cargo etc. We provide a service throughout the world without lacking in any superior services. We offer you a safe, affordable and less time-consuming transportation.

North Ocean has a group of professional workers for looks after the import and export. Throughout the time, we have built a strong relationship with global carries. It helps us to provide any kind of flexible services to the customer which can fulfill their requirements. It does not matter whether your stuff is very heavy, oversized, hazardous, bulk or temperature controlled. We can manage your goods and would deliver it to the right place.

Heavy Weight Goods:

We have good sources and very competent staffs who would craft a solution to your problems. We offer a very safe ship which can definitely carry any heavyweight stuff and can deliver it to the location you want, safe and in time.


The shipping service in Qatar we provide enough space for any oversized goods and can assure you its safety.


We have a specific place for shipping hazardous goods. Our experts are able to store the hazardous stuff in a separate place. Where your goods will be out of danger and certainly would reach their destination safely and punctually around the world.

Temperature controlled:

There are some goods which need to be kept at a specific temperature in order to avoid any calamity. Our experts can provide an appropriate temperature for your goods.

North Ocean does not only provide shipping services in Qatar, but they also let you relax while they manage your business.

North Ocean does not only provide ship service Qatar but they also let you relax while they manage your business.