Storage companies in Qatar are designed in such a manner that they can handle large and varied options for storage.

  • Chemical storage: Harmful and hazardous array of materials very safely and efficiently. North Ocean warehouse allows the storage of materials that are easily inflammable and corrosive. They provide a number of options and conditions for the storage of various kinds of materials. Safety is properly ensured by classifying the different materials according to their specifications and storing them likewise. In areas where the flammable materials are stored, flame suppression equipment are kept so that action can be taken immediately in situations of emergency. The storage and distribution of these materials is done very carefully with the help of trained and experienced staff.   
  • Temperature controlled storage: A vast spectrum of storage is provided for materials that require a particular temperature for storage. The temperature is properly maintained to ensure freshness of the materials. It meets the particular requirements of layout, storage, design and handling of materials. Not only this, we can also set up warehouses dedicated for our purpose anywhere we want to. Modelling is used to find the ideal location. Warehouses are offered to serve for every type of cargo, namely, temperature sensitive, hazardous and food grade materials.
  • Open yard storage: Storage of pipes, vehicles, cables, generators, bulk cargo and similar such goods occupying a large volume is kept safely in an open yard. The goods are stored at a very minimal cost with proper security of 24 hours and easy accessibility. The open yard is well maintained and is under constant vigilance of the staff of North Ocean.

Thus North Ocean provides a large number of storage options that are client friendly and also quite easy in the pocket. Their service is available in a large number of countries.